Do You Or Someone You Love Suffer This Trauma?

Lauren Merz

Hi Jerry,

You and I know abortion’s first victim is the preborn child.

But we must not forget about the other victims of abortion – the child’s mother and father.

The repercussions from abortion’s violence create a ripple effect that takes an emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical toll on the mother and father, and in turn affects all those around them.

In case you're not familiar with the specific affects of what abortion does to women, here is a heart-wrenching message we received from a post-abortive mother:

“Abortion is NOT love. It is not healthcare. It is not freedom. It is not safe. It is not self-love. No matter how many women post on social media that it is, it is not. I may be just one voice, but I have known the pain of abortion and I have seen what abortion did to my babies. I have experienced the depression, shame, suicidal thoughts, and more that follows many women after having had an abortion.”

As this mother shares, the harm caused by abortion isn’t just isolated to the innocent child killed in the womb.

Jerry, have you experienced the traumatic aftermath of abortion? Or, do you know someone who has?

I want to make sure you know that there are people who dedicate their life's work to helping those in need of healing after abortion.

Here are a few of the resources we recommend:

International Helpline for Abortion Recovery – (866) 482-5433
Provides confidential care 24/7 for those needing help after abortion. The helpline is staffed by consultants who have personally experienced the pain of abortion, but have also found hope and healing.
Option Line – (800) 712-4357 |
Offers a confidential live chat, text line, and toll-free hotline that is available 24/7. The website contains additional resources for women who are considering abortion, have had an abortion, or are seeking alternatives to abortion.
Rachel’s Vineyard – (877) 467-3463 |
Offers confidential, weekend programs and other services across the United States and Canada, with additional sites around the world, for anyone affected by abortion.
Set Free, Inc. —
Offers private post-abortive support group, online healing program, and a yearly healing retreat.
Project Rachel —
Serves anyone suffering from abortion in spiritual and psychological healing, offering tools to express grief, and counseling in how to talk to friends and family about your abortion.
Jerry, abortion is an attack on the family - on preborn children, their mothers, and the fathers who are told their voice doesn’t matter in the decision.

A heartbreaking number of our friends, coworkers, and neighbors are wounded, silently grieving this loss. We must embrace these post-abortive mothers and fathers with compassion, generosity, and most importantly, forgiveness.

They are in need of our love to grieve their loss and fully heal.

Too many women have been lied to about the development of their child in the womb, and as a result, participate in that child's death.

Too many women and men are suffering grief and emotional trauma in silence.

Together, we can bring hope and healing to post-abortive mothers and fathers, and put an end to the cause of their grief - the killing of preborn children.

For life,

Lauren Merz
VP of Strategic Partnerships
Live Action

P.S. Jerry, thank you for reading. Please save this email so that you can have these resources as a quick reference.

Here is a link to our full list of pro-life resources:

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