Alert The Public To DIY Abortion

Antonia Tully

Dear SPUC supporter,

SPUC urgently needs YOUR help to alert the public to the dangers of DIY home abortions. Please take part in our nationwide door-to-door leafleting campaign.

In over 50 years of raising public awareness on abortion, we know that there is no better way of getting our message across to the public than by delivering leaflets directly to households. Please consider taking part in this vital initiative and order some leaflets to deliver in your area.

"Pills through the post"
Since March 2020, abortion providers have been able to send women abortion drugs, under the “pills through the post” system. This means:

Women are being certified for abortion without seeing a doctor in person.
Women are going through the horrific abortion process by themselves, with no medical supervision.
Powerful drugs are being sent through the post, with no way of knowing who actually takes them.
It is particularly important that we raise awareness now, as the Government is planning a consultation on whether to make dangerous DIY abortions a permanent policy.

SPUC is, of course, encouraging people to take proper precautions when undertaking door-to-door leafleting and we have issued Covid updated guidelines.

Order now
Every leaflet you deliver could help a pregnant woman change her mind. Every leaflet could inspire a concerned citizen to write to his or her MP. Every leaflet you push through a letterbox could save a baby’s life.

You may like to order enough leaflets to give to friends to distribute. Please observe the latest Government guidelines when meeting friends to go door-to-door leafleting together.

You can order door-to-door leaflets and see the guidelines at link below

With every good wish and heartfelt thanks for your support,

Antonia Tully
Director of Campaigns

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