Thank You For Being A Voice For The Voiceless

Dean Nelson

Dear Jerome,

As you know, Human Coalition Action made an extra push during the month of September to fuel the fight for life ahead of the 2020 elections.

There is so much at stake this election season. With the abortion industry increasing their influence at all levels of government, and pro-abortion allies Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the top of the ballot, your partnership has never been more important.

Because of your faithful support of the mission to solidify victory over abortion, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless and standing up for life. Especially during such an unusual time in our country.

You are reaching more government officials with a message of life. You are promoting pro-life policy at every level of government. And you are fighting back against the abortion industry.

Jerome, you are sending the message that preborn children deserve dignity and deserve a chance at life. Now, less than a month away from Election Day, I hope you will be encouraged by the impact you are making.

And of course, I hope you will use your incredible right and power to VOTE to elect pro-life candidates this November. Because protecting and defending preborn children from abortion should be our moral priority in the voting booth.

Thank you again for your partnership and commitment to ending abortion! We are proud to have you by our side. And together, we will end abortion!

God bless,
Dean Nelson
Executive Director

P.S. - With the election quickly approaching, and so much on the line, I hope you'll take a moment to register to vote. You can also check on your registration status, find polling locations, and more for free at God bless you!

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