Fake News About Fake Clinics

Katie Barrett

Hi Jerry Novotny,

One thing that really upsets me is when I hear pregnancy centers referred to as “fake clinics.”

It breaks my heart because pregnancy centers do so many good things for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, and there is nothing “fake” about the services they offer or their mission to help those in need.

I was so grateful to read a blog post that discussed the TRUTH about pregnancy centers and their desire to have open and honest relationships with the people who walk through their doors.

Because you also have a heart for the Pro Abundant Life movement, I thought you’d enjoy reading this post and would want to share it with others who may have been deceived about the purpose of pregnancy centers.

You can check it out here: https://www.care-net.org/abundant-life-blog/are-pregnancy-centers-fake-clinics

I hope you appreciate this article as much as I did! Shoot me a reply and let me know your thoughts about this “fake clinic” reputation pregnancy centers have been getting.

Happy weekend,

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