Shocking Stats Show Abortions Increasingly Used To Kill Disabled Babies

New figures released by the NHS in Scotland have shown an increase in abortions where there is a risk of a baby being born disabled, as well as a disproportionate number performed on women from the most deprived areas.

Targeting the disabled
The 2016 abortion statistics, released on Tuesday, show the highest recorded number of abortions to date carried out under ground E, “substantial risk that if the child were born it would suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped”. The number of babies aborted because of disability in 2016 was 216, an increase of 57% from the 2011 low of 136.

Of these, 75 were for chromosomal abnormalities (such as Down’s syndrome), 51 for other specific congenital anomalies (such as of the cardiovascular or urinary systems), and 49 for congenital anomalies of the nervous system. Page 24 of the report suggests that the increase of abortions for conditions such as Down’s syndrome is due to the rise in screening programmes for foetal anomaly.

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