The Advent Of The Artificial Womb

Angelo Stagnaro

Quietly, without much fanfare, a nuclear bomb was dropped upon the world a month ago.

Not an actual mechanical explosive, device but rather an invention with by far more destructive power than a mere nuclear weapon.

Apparently, researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have created the first functioning artificial womb.

I've worried about this day for many years. It seemed almost inevitable considering the dual race to demean human beings and to worship technology.

There have been many attempts at creating such a device over the years. They've all met with varying degrees of failure ever since the 1950s in Japan, Europe and the States. In fact, a 1996 New York Times Magazine story declared “the artificial womb exists” describing a Japanese lab experiment with baby goats. However, the praises were premature, as the fetuses died of circulatory failure.

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