Researchers Uncover Disturbing Link Between Sex Trafficking And Abortion

Ardee Coolidge

The prevalence of forced abortions is an especially disturbing trend in sex trafficking."- Laura J. Lederer, the Senior Adviser on Trafficking for the US State Department.

“[While in forced prostitution,] I saw 10 to 20 men a day. I did what he [the pimp] said because he got violent when I sassed him. I took all kinds of drugs— even though I didn’t really like most of them . . .I had forced unprotected sex and got pregnant three times and had two abortions at [a clinic]. Afterward, I was back out on the street again. I have so many scars all over my body and so many injuries and so many illnesses. I have hepatitis C and stomach and back pain and a lot of psychological issues. I tried to commit suicide several times.” – Kayla, sexual trafficking survivor.

Worldwide, over one million children are trafficked each year and forced into sexual slavery and prostitution. In the United States, there are currently an estimated 400,000 domestic minors involved in trafficking. Sex trafficking generates an estimated $39 billion a year as the demand for prostitutes continues to rise.

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