Catholic Bishop: Gay Activists Are Bashing Catholic UK Politician ‘like…a Drunk’

Another British bishop has come to the defense of Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg who received strong backlash last week after saying on national TV that he took “seriously” Catholic teaching on homosexuality and abortion.

Portsmouth Bishop Philip Egan said it wasn’t surprising that Rees-Mogg was the target of backlash from those who despise Catholic sexual teaching. When their lifestyle is challenged, he told the Catholic Herald, they “lash out, full of rage” as a way of justifying their situation.

“Like with a drunk, you can’t reason with them,” he said.

Bishop Egan went on to describe how the rejection of sexual morality opens one up to demonic influence.

“When on matters of sexual morality, people do not espouse chastity, they open themselves to deep-seated forces within. They can even unwittingly allow the Evil One to bind himself like a serpent tightly around their hearts,” he said.

The bishop added that often when this point is reached people miss out on the beauty of Church teaching and its path to human fulfillment.

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