Pro-Choice Activists Think Abortion Will Help The Survivors Of Harvey And Irma

Ardee Coolidge

As someone who experienced hurricane Andrew and spent 18 years in South Florida, hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been heavy on my heart. Growing up, I remember watching the news with my parents as the meteorologists attempted to predict the exact path of hurricanes. I can picture the massive lines for gasoline, the reports of power outages, and the flooding.

Thankfully, I also remember the relief efforts. Neighbors helped neighbors. Churches opened their doors to the community. When three hurricanes in a row battered Florida in 2004, I went with a team from my church and helped distribute food and supplies to the largely immigrant communities surrounding south Florida’s tomato farms. We returned during Thanksgiving to invite residents to a free dinner being hosted by a local NFL star. I will never forget the three men who responded to my lunch invitation by declining and offering me a sample of their Thanksgiving meal: freshly made fajitas served in homemade tortillas cooked on a small outdoor grill. Though they lived in a trailer park devastated by the storms, they wanted to share their meal with me, the person who was supposed to be helping them. Their generosity has stuck out in my mind as I read reports of the ongoing relief efforts in Texas and Florida.

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