Canada Allows Nationwide Sale Of Dangerous Abortion Pill To Kill Unborn Babies Up To 9 Weeks Old

Micaiah Bilger

Just months after dangerous abortion drugs went on the market in Canada, the government already is expanding their use.

Health Canada dropped important safety measures on the abortion drugs Tuesday in a move that could lead to more unborn babies’ abortion deaths and more injured mothers. The government announced Tuesday that the abortion drugs now may be used up to nine weeks of pregnancy, instead of seven, The Canadian Press reports. According to the new regulations, women no longer need to take the drugs under the supervision of a doctor either, despite potentially life-threatening risks.

The CBC reports the drugs now will be available by prescription and dispensed by pharmacists, and doctors no longer will be required to take a special course before prescribing them. Women also will not have to give written consent to take the drugs, the report states.

Unlike in the United States, the abortion drugs mifegymiso only became available on the market this year in Canada. Mifegymiso is a two-drug abortion method known in the U.S. as mifepristone, or RU-486, and misoprostol. The abortion drugs are responsible for killing millions of unborn babies in the United States and at least 14 women, since they were approved during the Clinton administration.

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