Ritual Killings: Have We Gone Mad?

Donald Zagoré

Recent news from Ivory Coast has been dominated by child murder scandals. The case that has grabbed the most media attention is that of little Bouba, murdered by one of his neighbours on the instructions of a witch doctor, in a bid to get rich.

We are observing with alarm that, more and more, children are being kidnapped and murdered in a good many African countries — Ivory Coast and Senegal, for example — for Satanic rituals by individuals chasing after material wealth.

How socially decadent it is to want to become rich by shedding innocent blood! The values of work have really lost their essence in our Ivorian society. What better could we expect in a society where shortcuts to wealth are so highly exalted?

The evil is truly deep seated.

What future is there for a continent where children, who are the hope and the future, are sacrificed?

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