‘Christian’ Politicians Who Support Abortion Don’t ‘share…in The Faith Of Christ’: Bishop


Politicians who publicly support abortion and euthanasia do not "share fully and practically in the faith of Christ," Bishop Daniel Thomas of the Catholic Diocese of Toledo told a top pro-life conference over the weekend.

“Every Catholic and every Christian is a missionary of the good news of the dignity and sanctity of the human person made in the image of God and redeemed through the human body of Jesus Christ His Son on the Cross,” Bishop Thomas said. “No one, least of all those who exercise leadership in society can claim to share fully and practically in the faith of Christ who at the same time publicly support practices of abortion and euthanasia.”

“If to be truly Catholic and truly Christian is to be pro-life,” Thomas said, “than any person who embraces an ideology or political stance which does not by law protect the most innocent among us, including the unborn, then they’ve renounced the very heart Catholic Social Teaching, which has as its foundation the word of God and the very design of human nature.”

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