Chastity Is A Boy’s Best Friend

When I speak to young people, and even more so now during the #Me Too Movement era. I am wont to say, “Chastity is a boy’s best friend.” Because, I add, if nothing happened between you and a woman, there’s nothing to talk about. And it’s much harder to fabricate a criminal charge. Like imperfect contrition, choosing chastity to sidestep various negative consequences will suffice, and it’s also a good building block for future growth in virtue.

I derive my axiom, in part, from a song made famous by Marilyn Monroe and arguably more so by Carol Channing, given her longevity: “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” It’s a cynical take on relationships going back to the late 1940s, basically arguing that a relationship with a man may not endure, but the diamond(s) he gives you will.

Alas, diamonds are not much of a best friend, as countless women from broken relationships of the completely consensual variety can attest despite possessing their big gems, whereas women who wear much smaller rocks—but who are also in loving marriages—can testify to what’s really most important.

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