This Woman's Story Goes Against Planned Parenthood's Narrative That IUDs Are Pretty Safe

Brianna Heldt

When Tanai Smith showed up for work one day this past November, she began experiencing sharp pains on the right side of her stomach.

She knew immediately that it must be a problem with her IUD.

One month prior, the 25-year-old mother of one from Baltimore had gone for an annual checkup with her gynecologist. According to Smith, the unnamed doctor informed her that her IUD was somehow missing, and subsequently sent her for two separate ultrasounds. Neither scan could reveal the location of the IUD, either.

The lost intrauterine device (more commonly known as an IUD) had been implanted in Tanai Smith’s uterus just six weeks after her daughter was born, in 2014. Smith says she’d been told the birth control would be effective for five years, but just three years later and it seemed to have vanished.

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