This Priest Has Prayed At The Canadian Parliament Every Year For 30 Years For Abortion To End

Christina Vazquez

In Ottawa, Ontario, a priest has spent the last 30 years fasting and praying on Parliament Hill for the end of abortion.

In an interview with Crux, Jesuit Father Tony Van Hee discusses his experience of silent, peaceful protest on the Hill where members of Parliament gather to legislate.

At age 81, the priest said he has no plans of slowing down, and has overcome many obstacles to exercise his right to free speech.

Van Hee’s ministry began in 1989 through Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization which uses civil disobedience to protest abortion. The priest said he was inspired by one of the organization’s leaders, Kurt Gayle, who came to the Canadian Parliament during the summer of 1988 to protest the Canadian Supreme Court’s Morgentaler decision, which struck down Canada’s abortion law.

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