Is China About To End The Greatest Biological Atrocity On The Globe?

A barbaric social experiment

Speculation has been growing in recent weeks that China may soon scrap its notorious birth control policy, which has been responsible for millions of forced abortions and sterilisations.

The "one-child" policy, as it was popularly known, was lifted in 2016, but couples are still mostly limited to two children, and unmarried women are subject to huge fines for having "illegal children". A BBC investigation found that the "brutal machinery of enforcement is still in place along with the Chinese state's insistence on the right of control over women's wombs."

Finally acknowledging the consequences?
Now, it seems that the appalling consequences of the repressive policy, such as an ageing population, a shrinking workforce and a chronic gender imbalance are forcing the Chinese Government to consider scrapping any limits on family size.

A few weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper quoted a new draft civil code that has no reference to family planning, and it has emerged today that three family planning offices have been closed. Speculation was also fuelled earlier this month when the government released stamps to mark the year of the pig, featuring a boar and a sow with three piglets.

The Chinese Government has so far denied that it has any imminent plans to scrap the policy.

Unparalleled abuse of women

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