Seeking Dignity In Death For The Unborn

Samantha Gobba

A Texas law requiring abortion centers and hospitals to arrange for the burial or cremation of a baby who died after an abortion or miscarriage faced another setback last week when a federal judge issued an injunction against it.

The 2017 law banned current methods of disposing of fetal tissue, including disposal in a landfill and grinding the bodies up and flushing them into a sewer system. U.S. District Judge David Ezra called the law unconstitutional and ruled that requiring hospitals and abortion centers to provide dignified treatment of aborted or miscarried babies puts “substantial obstacles” between women and abortion and “would likely trigger a shutdown of women’s healthcare providers.”

Ezra added that the long list of cemetery, crematorium, and funeral home owners lined up to provide free or reduced cost disposal of the remains of a baby after an abortion or miscarriage would not amount to a “reliable” disposal system for Texas facilities.

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