The State Marijuana Cartel: The Sixth Phase Of The Democrat Plantation

David R. Usher

Our extensive new report, "The Costly Fraud of Marijuana Normalization," reveals the dark truths and frightful economic costs of the Democrat agenda. Progressives have fooled everyone by claiming that "medical" marijuana (a subterranean synonym for "recreational" pot) must be legalized as a painkiller for victims of disease, old age, and ultimately minor pain and stress. In this report, you will see that the sea of red ink caused by state-sponsored drug addiction is horrendous and unsustainable.

Marijuana normalization is a progressive social justice smokescreen allegedly ending discrimination against black and Hispanic drug gangbangers who end up dead or in prison. This "West Side Story" is cover for the tobacco lobby – the big money pushing pot legalization – devoted to switching people from cigarettes to marijuana.

Why are Progressives from Joe Biden to Claire McCaskill throwing their political futures behind pot legalization? The answer is not the Oleanna you might imagine.

When the State establishes a monopoly drug cartel fronted by doctors acting as protected drug dealers, the state becomes a criminal enterprise running a plantation of drug addicts.

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