Palliative Care Experts Are Opposed To Euthanasia.

One of Western Australia's (WA) most senior palliative care nurses and a New Zealand based palliative medicine specialist have both come out in opposition to the looming euthanasia laws in their respective jurisdictions.

After more than 30 years working in the public and private palliative care sector, nurse Lou Angus has sent a letter to the Western Australian government signed by 39 of her colleagues.

Accusing the government of catering for a small minority, Angus asks, “What are our politicians doing for the 96 to 99 percent of dying people who want better care whilst they are dying?”.

A sage of the system, Angus points out that if palliative care for terminal patients were to begin 12 months out from death, it would prevent people “yo-yoing” in and out of hospital, saving the health system millions of dollars. She writes:

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