Catholic Cardinal: Pro-Abortion Politicians “May Not Present Themselves To Receive Holy Communion”

Micaiah Bilger

Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke warned pro-abortion Catholic politicians Thursday not to show up for Holy Communion because they are not following Christ.

In an interview with Fox News, Burke said he is not trying to punish pro-abortion politicians; he is trying to help them by urging them to repent.

“They may not present themselves to receive Holy Communion, because they’re not in communion with Christ,” he said, according to the Church Militant.

“It’s not a punishment,” Burke insisted. “It’s actually a favor to these people to tell them, ‘Don’t approach.’ Because if they approach, they commit sacrilege.”

Prominent politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Joe Biden both claim to be devout Catholics, but both of them support abortions up to birth. They also think taxpayers should be forced to pay for them.

Burke said these so-called Catholic politicians have made Americans confused about the Catholic Church’s values.

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