“How To Get An Abortion If You’re A Teen”- Teen Vogue Targets Teenage Girls For Abortion


A popular teen magazine has been instructing teenage girls on how to undergo abortions without the consent of their parents.

Teen Vogue Magazine has recently run a series on social media platform, Snapchat, and an advice column entitled: “How to get an abortion if you’re a teen.” Aimed at an audience of young teenage girls, the magazine’s USA abortion series positively promotes abortion and encourages the young readers to “sidestep rules” regarding parental consent to abortion.

Exploiting Vulnerable Teenagers
Teen Vogue writer, Nona Willis Aronowitz, composed the original article, which was written in response to a letter penned by a vulnerable teenage girl, seeking advice about a crisis pregnancy.

The letter from the un-named teen wrote: “I'm 16, I'm pregnant, and I don't want to be. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to get an abortion without my parents' permission, but I'm really scared to tell them because they are both against abortion. What should I do?”

In response, Aronowitz then appeared to push a personal abortion agenda and exploit the pregnant teens vulnerability, as she provided explicit advice on the American states that would perform abortions on teenage girls without parental consent.

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