BBC Shines Light On Men’s Abortion Regret: ‘I’ve Thought About It Every Day For 32 Years’

Cassy Fiano-Chesser

For most people, abortion is seen strictly as a women’s issue. But while women can suffer grief and trauma from abortion, men can as well — yet their voices are often left out of the conversation. How does abortion affect fathers? A BBC article sought to examine just that.

Calling it “The men who feel left out of US abortion debate,” the BBC interviewed several men whose children died in abortion. For them, it was a horrible experience that changed them forever. “I was in my 30s living the good single life in Dallas,” Karl Locker recounted. When he found out a girlfriend of his was pregnant, he said he felt like “one of those wolves with its leg caught in a trap.” Still, he said he tried to do the right thing. “I tried everything, I offered to marry her, to take the baby myself, or to offer it up for adoption,” he said. “She said she could never give her child up for adoption – it didn’t make cognitive sense.”

Though Locker gave her his support, driving her to the abortion facility, the knowledge of what he had done haunted him. “I didn’t know how I was going to survive; I wasn’t going to jump off a bridge, but I probably would have drank myself to death,” he said. “I’ve thought about what happened every day for the last 32 years.”

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