Let Love = Action

Jeremy Wiles

Holding hands across the table, the newlywed couple was ready to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day in love as husband and wife. Everything was going great until the woman in the red dress strolled past the table. Temptation. The husband struggles to maintain his actions but he gives in and allows his eyes to follow her as she walks to her table.

Completely startled, this new bride has tears stinging at the corners of her eyes. She thinks to herself, “It’s Valentine’s Day and I can’t believe he is doing this!”. She quickly brushes her emotions aside, and vows that nothing else will spoil this beautiful night.

About an hour later, just as they were getting ready to take to the dance floor, the husband excuses himself. In disbelief, his wife watches as he goes out of his way to walk past the woman in the red dress’ table. Lust.

The undeniable grip of lust had its way with him and surely this was not the first time.

With this, the damage was done. Her heart was crushed. The remainder of the evening was plagued with the memories of this young husband’s wandering eyes.

The Problem with Lust

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