Mississippi Is Abortion Free, State’s Lone Abortion Biz Closes After Order To Stop Non-Essential Surgeries

Steven Ertelt

Mississippi is the second state in the country to at least temporarily become abortion free.

Yesterday, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves urged the state’s only abortion facility to close and comply with a state order postponing all elective medical procedures due to the coronavirus. According to a new report that has happened.

As LifeNews first reported, the pro-life Republican governor said abortions should stop in the state, especially during the health crisis. Earlier, the state health department issued an order to stop all elective and unnecessary medical procedures so that medical resources can be preserved to combat the growing coronavirus pandemic. Reeves said there is nothing necessary about killing unborn babies in abortions, and the Jackson Women’s Health Organization must comply with the order.

“We’re doing everything in our power, and have for many years, to make Mississippi the safest place in America for unborn children,” Reeves said. “We’ll take whatever action we need to to protect not only the lives of unborn children, but also the lives of anyone who may contract this particular virus.”

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