Family Of Teen With Down Syndrome Ordered To Leave Australia In 35 Days


A family has been given 35 days to leave Australia after living there for years, solely because one of their children has Down syndrome.

Jason and Anita Lund moved from the United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia, on a temporary work visa when he got a job for the New South Wales government. The Lund family relocated in 2013, and everything was fine — until five years later when they applied for a permanent visa. That application was denied, solely because one of their children, Ciaran Lund, has Down syndrome. “I remember that day,” Anita told SBS News. “Our immigration lawyer told us we’d got 35 days to leave the country. We were absolutely devastated.”

“We expected some communication around being accepted into the country,” Jason added. “But deep down in our hearts, we didn’t think it would be an issue. It was quite difficult to take on board, we didn’t really understand the implications and we were scared.”

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