Viganò Issues Grave Warning To Bishops Who Are Silent On Abortion During 2020 US Election

 “Silence on abortion is a terrible sign of the spiritual and moral deviance in that part of the Hierarchy which denies its very own mission because it has denied Christ,” said Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal representative to the United States, in an interview with LifeSiteNews today.

In a message directed to his brother Bishops in the US, the former papal representative to America says, “I remind my brother Bishops that they were anointed with the Holy Chrism as athletes of the Faith, not as neutral spectators of the struggle between God and the Adversary.” You have the ‘grace of state’, he tells the bishops, “to be heard by your flock, who recognizes in you the voice of the Divine Shepherd (Jn 10:2-3). Do not be afraid to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, just as the Apostles and the Bishops who succeeded them did not fear martyrdom.”

Archbishop Viganò prays that the good example of the few bishops and pastors in America who are speaking out for the unborn during this presidential election are an example to others. “I pray that the few, courageous Pastors who raise their voices to defend the inviolable and non-negotiable principles which the Lord has established in natural law, may be joined by those who today hesitate out of fear, timidity, or a false sense of prudence,” he says.

The archbishop who was apostolic nuncio to the United States till 2016, and worked with many of the bishops active today in the States, gives them this grave warning: “just as in abortion the mother kills her own child, whom she should love, protect, and bring forth into this earthly life, so in the present fraud, the Church, willed by God to bring forth souls to eternal life, is found killing them herself spiritually in her own womb, because of the betrayal of her own Ministers.”

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