Dems Make Womb A Dangerous Place -- Patrick Hardyman

Last Sunday's letter to the editor "Abortion shouldn't be the only issue" found it "troublesome that voters base their support for a candidate primarily on the abortion issue, forgetting that taking care of the living is just as important."

I would be more than happy to share with the author the many organizations that I, as a pro-lifer, support including Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Running Strong For American Indian Youth, Covenant House and Christian Appalachian Project, to name a few. I know many pro-lifers who donate their time and money to help those most in need.

The letter last Sunday continued: "No candidate states as part of his or her platform, 'I am in favor of killing unborn babies.' They are, however, saying that health care should include and allow safe abortions and access to birth control."

What's the difference? The results are the same.

Around 60 million unborn children have been surgically terminated in the last 47 years of legalized abortion in this country. Any candidate for public office who supports killing innocent unborn human life doesn't deserve to be elected. Unfortunately, with the recent election of Joe Biden and his running mate U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, the womb will be more dangerous than ever for unborn children.

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