Valuing life: abortion is just the tip of the iceberg

Paul Huxley

"Some lives aren't worth living".

That's the claim behind the campaign for assisted suicide and euthanasia. They want our country to pass laws that allow doctors to help end patients' lives.

This is likely to be a big issue in the next five years of parliament. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said he wants the law to change and has pledged to give parliamentary time to a bill if he becomes Prime Minister.

The campaigners say they only want euthanasia under certain conditions. The patient has to consent. They have to be terminally ill, with only six months left to live.

In their minds - those lives aren't worth living.

But this attitude goes far beyond assisted suicide.

Judges in our legal system frequently rule that it's in the "best interests" of patients in critical conditions to die - meaning that further treatment to preserve must be stopped by force. The logic? "This life isn't worth living".

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