False Flag explains the radical, evil goals of queer politics

Nathanael Blake

Remember when gay activists told us that they just wanted tolerance--and that their agenda wouldn't affect the rest of us?

They lied.

What was sold as tolerance for a small minority of Americans who just wanted to quietly live their lives has become a new, mandatory civil religion. The Pride flags fly over us like the banners of a conquering army, and we are supposed to shut up and do as we are told: bake the cake, use the pronouns, repeat the creeds (e.g. "trans women are women"), allow men into women's space, and--especially--allow them to catechize and claim our children.

Their real goal was never just tolerance, it was always to reshape every aspect of American life to reflect and affirm their own "queerness." They have succeeded in many ways, but the battle is not yet over. And so Joy Pullmann's new book, False Flag: Why Queer Politics Mean the End of America aims to explain what has happened, why it has happened, and how it can be resisted. Pullmann is the executive editor at the Federalist (full disclosure: I frequently write for the Federalist and am cited several times in this book) and she has provided an accessible account of how America is being remade in the cause of queerness.

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