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Babies as enemies: Planned Parenthood's sterile sexuality dehumanizes the preborn

It's time to realize that we have to begin at the beginning. If we really want to win the battle to legally protect all members of the human family, we must first address man's current attitude toward sexuality, which holds sterility - not fertility - as the goal.

Date posted: 2013-11-25

Planned Parenthood targets Latina teens with salacious online novella

Planned Parenthood's has its guns aimed squarely at Hispanic teens, as it continues its latest foray into eugenic targeting via an unbelievably salacious novella featuring an all-Latino/Latina cast.

Date posted: 2013-08-15

Planned Parenthood head encouraged extremists to break Texas law

Dr. Joe Pojman, head of Texas Alliance for Life, says Texas law is very clear regarding behavior in the senate gallery: "We cannot yell, we cannot carry signs, we cannot speak loudly, we cannot even clap. That is the decorum that must be observed. And doing anything other is a violation of state law." In addition, he said, for Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards to encourage making noise to drown out the vote, "was advocating 400 plus people to break state law. And that's just plain wrong."

Date posted: 2013-08-01

Anti-Christian rant to teens: 'Pro-choice' movement not radical enough; abstinence is impossible

A featured speaker at a recent Planned Parenthood-directed conference told the teens assembled there that she represents the "radical wing" of the pro-choice movement, and invited them to join her in reshaping and directing the entire movement toward radicalism. Planned Parenthood was on the steering committee of the conference. Entitled the "Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference," it was held in beautiful Seaside, Oregon. The teens in attendance were pelted over a two-day period by a dizzying whirlwind of warped, perverse, anti-Christian "sexuality" training.

Date posted: 2013-06-21

Teens teach porn class to adults at Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference

When I walked into this year's Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside, Oregon, one of the first things I encountered was a table manned by three young teen boys. On the table was a collage that included many depictions of totally bare female genitalia -- obviously pornographic and, one would think, illegal. The boys smiled nervously as hordes of teens, who had arrived for what some described as a field trip, passed the display table. Planned Parenthood was on the steering committee of this conference. The booth belonged to Youth for Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault (YEPSA), a supposedly teen-led initiative from Eugene, Oregon. At a booth whose stated mission was the prevention of sexual assault, I could only wonder why the teen boys would be manning a table containing graphic pictures of female genitalia.

Date posted: 2013-05-19

Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: Seeking those on the outskirts of existence

Four days before he was elected to the papacy, then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio said that the next pope must be one who will bring the Church out of itself and set the laity on the path of evangelization. According to a report by the National Catholic Register, the future pope pointed to what he called "ecclesiastical narcissism" as the Church's fundamental illness, saying that when the Church looks inward on itself it becomes ill. "The next pope," he stated, should be a man who, "from the contemplation of Jesus Christ and from worshipping Jesus Christ, will help the Church get out of herself and go to those on the outskirts of existence." Indeed, this seems to have been Pope Francis' mission since the moment he stepped onto the balcony and gave his first papal blessing.

Date posted: 2013-05-19

'Sexuality ed expert': Laws pass when parents don't object; says one or two phone calls can derail sex ed program

As a registrant at the 36th annual Planned Parenthood-directed Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held April 22 and 23 in Seaside, Oregon, I was honestly quite shocked at the frank admission by Brad Victor that the most liberal sex ed laws in the nation were driven through easily because there was no parental outcry. A "Sexuality Education Specialist" with the Oregon Department of Education, Victor was introduced at the beginning of the conference as being with WISE of Oregon, an acronym for "Working to Institutionalize Sex Education." Victor described how laws requiring sex education starting in kindergarten and condom demonstrations in sixth grade were pushed through with the greatest of ease when parents' voices were not heard in opposition at the state board level.

Date posted: 2013-05-04

Teacher booted from Portland School District after protracted battle with Planned Parenthood

An exemplary math and computer science teacher has been unjustly escorted out of Benson High School by police following a protracted battle with school officials about Planned Parenthood's presence in the school and its association with his students. Bill Diss was notified on Tuesday after the last student left his class that he was being placed immediately on administrative leave "pending a recommendation to the superintendent that you be dismissed from your employment with Portland public schools for reasons that have been discussed with you." The mild-mannered Mr. Diss told STOPP that he was given only a few minutes to gather his belongings before police escorted him out. He was ordered not to return to the Portland, Oregon, school where he has taught for 11 years.

Date posted: 2013-03-31

North Carolina Healthy Youth Act abandons children to Planned Parenthood hedonism

If you think by abstaining from teaching about sex within a moral framework that Planned Parenthood is not teaching a definite belief system to children, think again.

Date posted: 2013-03-16

Delaware Planned Parenthood violates 11-year-olds

"She's just 11 years old, but Nyiray Thomas already knows what she would say if someone ever tries to convince her to have unprotected sex, even just once. 'I would say no, because I don't want to have a child,' she said. 'I want to achieve my goals.'" So begins an article on the website of Planned Parenthood of Delaware promoting its Obamacare funded "sexuality education training institute," purportedly designed "to teach young people about abstinence and contraception." But where is the abstinence education in this scenario? The only abstinence encouraged by Planned Parenthood is abstaining from "unprotected" sex. Add a few steroids and a condom and you have the green light for sex for eleven-year-old children - without regard to morality, health consequences, or other impacts upon the child. At a very tender age, this child has already been taught that babies are her enemy and that sex is fine as long as condoms and contraceptives are employed.

Date posted: 2013-03-02

Babies as enemies: Planned Parenthood's sterile sexuality dehumanizes preborn

It is time to step back and realize that we have to begin at the beginning. If we really want to get to the crux of what it will take to win this battle for legal protection for all members of the human family, we have to address man's current attitudes toward sexuality that holds sterility - not fertility - as the goal.

Date posted: 2013-02-18

Parents beware: Sex ed publisher ETR is an offshoot of PP

Its day-to-day dirty work in the field of sex education is often spun out by organizations to which it has close ties, particularly organizations that were at one time part of the Planned Parenthood conglomerate, but are now independent. One such organization is the Guttmacher Institute, which began as Planned Parenthood's research arm and was so much a part of the organization that its income was reported on Planned Parenthood Federation of America's annual reports from 1979 through 2006. Another Planned Parenthood offspring is ETR Associates - publisher and clearinghouse for Planned Parenthood - approved curriculum that is pushed as "evidence-based" and "comprehensive."

Date posted: 2013-02-18

North Dakota boots Planned Parenthood sex ed program

When North Dakota state legislator Bette Grande took to the airwaves to say that Planned Parenthood has no business in the state and threatened to cut a university's state funding if it went forward with its Planned Parenthood partnership, she knocked the abortion giant right off its pedestal.

Date posted: 2013-02-18