Fulwiler, Jennifer
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Jennifer Fulwiler is a writer and speaker who converted to being a pro-life Christian after a life of being a pro-choice atheist. She blogs for the National Catholic Register, as well as at her personal blog, ConversionDiary.com, and she and her family are featured on the NET TV reality show Minor Revisions. She and her husband live in Austin, Texas, with their six children.



Why my support for abortion was based on love ... and lies

When I was younger, I was always particularly shocked when I heard about societies where it was common to abandon or kill unwanted newborns. In college I once read a particularly graphic description of a family in ancient Greece "discarding" a newborn baby girl. I was shocked to the point of breathlessness. I was also horribly confused: How could normal people be okay with this, let alone participate in it? Nobody I knew would do that! Were people that different back then?!

Date posted: 2013-02-17