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Frances Kelly lives in the United States with her husband and daughters. She writes about gender issues for Homegriddle.


Vital testimony which anti-gender marriage activists don't want you to read

Writer and assistant professor of English, Robert Lopez was raised by his mother and her female partner. His story about growing up without the gender cues most of us take for granted is vitally important and especially relevant now as America debates whether or not same-sex marriage benefits children.

Date posted: 2012-11-17

The hi-jacking of language and the future of marriage

Dublin once had a famous laundry company, founded by an Irish businessman in 1912. He called it the Swastika Laundry. In the 1930s he was confronted by a dilemma - for obvious reasons. But he was a stubborn man and refused to allow a political hi-jacking by some Nazi thugs to bully him. Dubliners had no trouble with that. He dug his heels in and the company continued to trade under the Swastika name until mergers and acquisitions finally burried it in the 1980s. Has the homosesual lobby plunged us into the same dilemma, and should the rest of mankind bend to the prescription of language it is now being confronted with? Frances Kelly looks at the pros and cons.

Date posted: 2012-09-07

Marriage on the road to nowhere - or worse?

What about America? What will we decide is more important to our future: sterile sex or procreation? What should public schools teach children: sex between men or sex between genders? What do we want the next generation to value more in marriage: gender-segregation or gender-integration?

Date posted: 2012-08-21

Shifty words

Why are gay rights advocates changing the terminology from "gay marriage" to "marriage equality"?

Date posted: 2012-02-15