Koch, Elard
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Elard S. Koch is an epidemiologist from the Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile.


A Mexican abortion paradox

Are Mexican women dying from the effects of unsafe, illegal abortion because of restrictive laws in most of their country? Researchers from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the US reproductive health and abortion advocacy organization, has estimated figures in excess of 1 million. Other researchers have claimed that Mexico has made no progress in reducing maternal mortality over the past 20 years, largely because of illegal abortions. But new research by an international team led by Chilean epidemiologist Elard Koch shows that these findings are wildly misleading.

Date posted: 2013-01-17

A ground-breaking abortion study from Chile

Before 1989 abortion was legal in Chile; after 1989 it was illegal. The author of a controversial study explains what happened to women's health. The Chilean study is the first in-depth analysis of a large time series, year by year, of maternal deaths and their determinants, including years of education, per capita income, total fertility rate, birth order, clean water supply, sanitation, and childbirth delivery by skilled attendants, and including simultaneously different historical policies.

Date posted: 2012-06-06