Parent Power Can Overcome Planned Parenthood!

Judie Brown
December 1, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Parental rights and authority seem to be going out of style faster than the dinosaurs of old. In an age of overwhelming media coverage of sexual harassment charges, gender identity crises, and more, what is a parent to do?

Whether we are parents or grandparents, Planned Parenthood would prefer that we do nothing at all. PP would prefer that we sit on the sidelines and let it do the teaching - teaching that is actually propaganda masquerading as education.

Yet we have plenty of reasons to ignore PP's advice and take back our rights and authority.

Need some reasons why? Think about this:

Surprisingly, Planned Parenthood has been eerily silent regarding the latest spate of sexual harassment charges in our nation. But then again Planned Parenthood has failed to report child sexual abuse of its own patients in not one but several instances , so this is not surprising.

Are these the sorts of individuals you want teaching your children and grandchildren about sexuality? We think not.

As Thomas Ward, M.D. once wrote :

As a family doctor, I have worked over forty years to defend the family and families . . . I am convinced that the root of the culture of death is the artificial separation in sexual intercourse of love, the unitive from life, the procreative in contraception .

This separation of life from love has spread from contraception, to in vitro fertilization, and now logically and even theologically to homosexual "marriage."

We know he is right. We know it is time for parents to take back their children and exercise their power to rid classrooms of the perverted messages that Planned Parenthood markets across our land.

Parents have to exercise their power to rid classrooms of the perverted messages that Planned Parenthood markets across our land. Judie Brown

Jim Sedlak , founder of Stop Planned Parenthood International and vice president of American Life League, has known this for years. This is why he wrote Parent Power !! In that powerful little book, which is a game plan for parents, he writes:

Parents can make a difference. You do have the ability to conquer over seemingly impossible odds and take control of your schools. You need only decide it is worth the effort and then ACT. This book will give you all you need to begin the successful fight against offensive programs in your schools. But, YOU must decide your children are worth the effort. Thousands of parents are already being successful in the effort. We welcome you and are ready to help.

Yes, we can help you scour your schools clean of the filth currently being spread by Planned Parenthood. We can help you replace it with a program that is fully committed to rebuilding the culture of life, no matter what subject your child may be studying.

Our much-touted Culture of Life Studies Program provides every teacher, K-12, with helpful unit studies that fit in to existing curricula and reinforce the values that you teach your children and grandchildren at home.

In addition, American Life League has a host of tools that you can use in the community, in the family, and at home. All we need to succeed is you!

PARENT POWER can overcome Planned Parenthood.