Abortion May Drag Us To History's Grave

Connie Lynne Carrillo
Copyright 2005
Reproduced with Permission

Beware of the History Channel on a rainy day.

While I sipped my tea and listened to the rain patter, the History Channel dug up a dead civilization and found a large sewer that held thousands of baby bones, victims of infanticide, a common practice of this ancient, forgotten society.

Anthropologists tell us two of the biggest indicators of a doomed civilization are the practice of infanticide and human sacrifice. In other words, cultures and species that kill their own young do not survive. If history really does repeat itself, then American society may also be doomed to extinction.

What will future archaeologists discover when they dig up America? We have a highly sophisticated form of disposal of our young, before birth rather than after. But are we, in reality, practicing a sanitized version of infanticide and human sacrifice?

Is America sacrificing its soul, and its young, on the altar of convenience? Do we bow down to the corrupt pagan god of moral expediency? Is anything really wrong anymore or only those things that disrupt our lives and our plans for ourselves?

Awash in a sea of moral turpitude, we have become a sex-obsessed, sex-addicted society. We are hooked on pornography, perversion, promiscuity, adultery and depravity. And, in a total abandonment of our human dignity, people proclaim that we are mindless animals, wanton slaves to our hormones and incapable of self-control. They condone the Plan B over-the-counter ?morning-after? solution, never even considering giving up the night before.

We reject personal responsibility and force innocent third parties to pay for our reckless sexual indiscretions. We lead promiscuous lives, and the blameless unborn pay the ultimate price, so we won't mess up our last semester of school, miss out on a job promotion or be forced to pay child support. And, in a complete act of lunacy, our Supreme Court puts its stamp of approval on the mass eradication of our offspring.

This isn't an issue of political or religious persuasion, the Left or the Right. This is an issue of being irresponsible members of the human family. Anytime an innocent member of our human family, born or unborn, must sacrifice his or her life, safety, health or happiness to advance our sexual agenda, rid us of our consequences and make life easier for us, that is an immoral act, no matter what your political or religious affiliation. That is a crime against humanity. Such self-serving behavior violates our family and deifies the culture of sexual hedonism.

And, in the saddest indictment of our sick and twisted modern society, feminists, who have battled so mightily for so many decades for women's rights, sadly now crusade for the right of women to destroy their offspring. And the appalling, sickening hypocrisy, the excruciating irony of it all is that one half of the babies who succumb to this mass destruction are females.

And these same feminists, who struggle for and demand justice and equality in their own lives, now deny their unborn sisters that which they have already been afforded, the most fundamental of all human rights, to take their place, on this planet, with their sisterhood.

Do we really have an inherent right to choose? to exterminate our offspring? Or is the only rational choice to use our sacred, life-giving capacity to perpetuate the human species in a reasonable, compassionate manner, so no third party must suffer our consequences? Any other choice cheapens, dehumanizes and corrupts our society. We ought to be able to rise above it. There are civilized, humane solutions to managing our reproductive capability. Decimating our future generations is not one of them.

A wrongly accused politician once said, "Where do I go to get back my good name?" Where does America go to get back its moral clarity? Where do we go to get back our human dignity, decency, honor and self-respect? Where do we go to get back our knowledge of, and belief in, the acceptance of personal responsibility for our own actions, so no one else is forced to pay the ultimate price for our own decadence, debauchery, egotistical self-indulgence and irresponsibility?

Or will the light of America eventually be extinguished? Flushed away into the ancient sewer of mankind. Just another failed, forgotten civilization. Just another rerun on the History Channel of the future.