March For Life 2016's "Life Principles" Continue to Use False Science

Dianne N. Irving
copyright January 11, 2016
Reproduced with Permission

Given that the March For Life has achieved some great successes over the years to protect human life, it has done so only for some human life (those embryos and fetuses sexually reproduced/fertilization) -- not all human life (including those a-sexually reproduced through cloning, genetic engineering, etc.). And given the current hype surrounding human genetic engineering and "gene editing", the March For Life might need to worry that these a-sexually reproduced human embryos will likely be implanted into women for experimental purposes as well as for supposed "infertility" purposes. After all, those cloned and genetically engineered human embryos are "just a bunch of cells" -- right? Wrong.

The accurate scientific facts of human embryology documenting both sexual and a-sexual human reproduction have been acknowledged around the world for over 100 years by the experts in the field -- Ph.D. human embryologists. Even the Carnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development address human a-sexual reproduction in Stages 2 through 5 -- and have done so since 1942! Human molecular genetics texts have also long acknowledged, and explained, how human a-sexual reproduction is accomplished. Thus I can't understand how the March For Life continues to misinform prolifers and leave a-sexually reproduced human beings out of their "Life Principles"? The consequences are deadly.

Sad to say, this has been going on a very long time; I even presented the accurate human embryology to the March For Life years ago at several of their conferences. I've tried diplomacy and collegiality with the March for Life for years, but never get any response whatsoever. So one seriously has to wonder just what is their motivation in continuing to knowingly promote such erroneous human embryology? Once again, the March For Life's "Life Principles" apply only to some human beings, but hardly to all of them .

Note in their Life Principles copied below the following scientific errors:

Thus according to these Life Principles, once again, natural identical twins gestating within the mother's body can be aborted, and artificially a-sexually reproduced human embryos can be used in destructive scientific research as well as implanted into women. Note the third "Life Principle" below:

These Life Principles express the ideals motivating prolife Americans and indicate the purpose of the MARCH FOR LIFE:

For those who are genuinely prolife, intellectually honest, and really want to know the objective scientific facts that ground their prolife position , please check the extensive scientific references acknowledged around the world for over 100 years in many of my articles listed here that scientifically document the reality of both sexually and a-sexually reproduced human embryos, who also deserve protestion: Irving:

Any questions just let me know.