Pimping Out America

Mary McLellan
14 February 2012
Reproduced with Permission

It's February and while most of us are buying Valentines, flowers, and chocolates, others from the dark side are preying on our youth with National Condom Week, Condom Fashion Shows and seducing our college students with the VDay Monologues.

Now that over 70% of US teens 17 and younger are saying NO TO SEX, and the teen pregnancy rates are at an all time low, the Planned Parenthood Network's sex industry is struggling. The Contraception Pushers are trying to take ALL of the credit for the record low teen pregnancy rates, but according to math and biology, they can only take partial credit IF the 30% of sexually active teens are using contraception consistently and correctly!

Can the Safe Sex-perts honestly take credit for promoting abstinence? Show me the proof!

More and more smart teens and young adults have decided to delay sex and completely avoid the physical and emotional risks of the hook-up culture. Now, the Planned Parenthood Network and their minions are in panic mode to increase their market share by recruiting (seducing and grooming) more victims.

CHILDREN SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! Hooking Kids on Sex: Watch the new YouTube Expose' on Planned Parenthood and Sex Education. Now is the time for taxpayers to completely defund the Planned Parenthood Network's sex industry of OUR hard earned money!

For over forty-years now, 100% of the taxpayers have been suckered into making sex an entitlement and they've been 'stuck with the bill' for managing the chaos of America's decay. Since the 1970's, Planned Parenthood and their partner, Title X Family Planning have solicited young women for their programs and groomed school-age children for sexual pleasures. American taxpayers bought sex-without-boundaries, and we are paying dearly for it.

Many in America have never known a day without contraception, abortion, sexual freedom and the more than 70 different welfare programs it takes to subsidize the consequences. And, many still don't know that Planned Parenthood has never been about 'choice', but rather preying on, grooming and developing a client base that needs their services. It's never really been about mammograms, STD testing and taking care of poor women. It's always been about money, power and creating dependent generations that seek sexual pleasures to their own peril.

Since 1970, single-parent families have tripled, births to unmarried women have doubled, and there has been no net increase in the number of married families with children.

The Planned Parenthood Agenda has always been about destroying the family by destroying traditional marriage as the healthiest and safest context for sexual activity.

Our hard earned taxes have been misappropriated to maintain welfare programs, increase dependency on entitlements, and manage or mitigate the resulting carnage. Generational poverty has only increased and now, due to the poor economy, more and more well educated, 'middle income' families are in situational poverty due to a crisis such as job or home loss or serious health issues. Finally, America is awake because we are beyond the tipping point economically and cannot afford to add more families to our welfare rolls.

American taxpayers need to strike at the root of the problem by defunding any and all entities that have contributed to this decay. The Planned Parenthood network is a huge part of the infrastructure of Health and Human Services, CDC, Department of Education, the National Education Association SIECUS, Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Advocates for Youth and the ACLU. All are draining the bank accounts of every taxpayer in America.

These groups and their lobbies have succeeded for decades at duping Republicans and Democrats into paying for sexually explicit education programs that provide systematic and comprehensive indoctrination of our children and then conveniently provide contraception services needed to 'reduce the risks' of the sexual activity. We have been duped into thinking we could manage the chaos of children without fathers, poverty, STDs, HIV/AIDS, infertility, cervical, anal and oral cancers and depression. (see the top 25 cities with the highest AIDS cases)

Just think of all the Depo-Docs earning tax-paid (Medicaid) salaries while providing tax-paid Depo-Shots to our teen girls every three months at the tax-paid school and community 'health clinics'. (Tax-paid healthcare will have to kick in to cover the costs of osteoporosis that can result after years of using Depoprovera because the same girls, who couldn't remember to take 'the pill', forgot to take their Vitamin D-3 and calcium pills!)

Furthermore, research has shown that it is the DRAMA from sexual activity, more than teen pregnancy that increases high school dropout rates. Teens obsessed with sex are not going to be serious about academics. Rather, teens that delay sex at least until they are 18 years of age are far more likely to graduate from high school with good grades and pursue college.

So, why are we allowing the Planned Parenthood Network to force younger and younger kids to learn about sexual activity in school? How much longer are YOU willing to pay for Sex plus academic failure, unemployment and an unskilled workforce?

The madness will stop when YOU demand that our taxes not be used to fund Planned Parenthood and all other public and private organizations that are soaking taxpayers and destroying America.