Heritage Keepers®: Transparent and Accountable

Mary McLellan
Reproduced with Permission

Authentic Abstinence Education programs like Heritage Community Services (Heritage) should be required in all middle and high schools. (Emphasizing Abstinence until Marriage is the Law!) Heritage Keepers® is one of over twenty proven and effective abstinence education programs in the US, many of which have had to close their doors and/or lay off passionate educators due to the elimination of funds and the transfer of those funds to the Planned Parenthood networks of pro-teen sex, contraception-only programs.

Heritage teaches and advocates for abstinence and marriage in schools, churches, and community-based programs. Their programs have been used in six US states and Saint Lucia. Heritage also conducts trainings and workshops so that concerned parents and faith leaders can better understand the benefits of abstinence.

Sex, Lies and Hook-Ups: A Parent's Guide For Fighting Back is a new Heritage product that trains parents of teens the theory, methodology and skills needed to effectively teach youth abstinence. Plus, training in the Heritage Keepers® Abstinence Education Curricula is also made available so that teachers, school nurses, faith leaders, youth leaders, and other professionals fully understand how to effectively deliver abstinence messages to their students.

For over seventeen years, Heritage has confidently taught its Heritage Keepers® Abstinence Education program in many schools that also provide Comprehensive "Safe Sex" Education. The "competition" mostly fails at increasing abstinence, based on their own data, but Heritage's results speak for themselves! Even when allowed to only teach a small sample of a school's population, the news gets around rapidly that the Heritage teachers are on site for the next week or two. Heritage sets a Pro-Abstinence tone in the school that encourages students who are abstaining (or want to) to feel validated rather than ridiculed.

Furthermore, unless a Principal decides otherwise, Heritage prefers that parents sign an active consent for their minor child to take Heritage Keepers®. Not only will they be properly informed but parents will also have full access to the Heritage Keepers® curriculum and student workbook, and they are encouraged to sit in on the classes! Try that with "Safe Sex" classes!

Heritage has nothing to hide. It is transparent and accountable to all stakeholders!

Heritage wants all students, regardless of sexual history, taught an unambiguous, medically accurate, and compelling message about the benefits of abstaining until marriage and being faithful within marriage. Since Heritage Keepers® does not teach "Safe Sex" but rather the information and life skills to be abstinent, minors have a clear understanding of the dangers of risky behaviors and how they can set boundaries and goals to completely avoid those risks.

But "Safe Sex" programs do not typically operate under the same level of transparency and accountability. What do they have to hide? Many times they don't seek parental consent. They leave out important medically accurate information. They give ambiguous boundaries about when sex should occur. Many times they don't define abstinence as "not participating in any sexual activity outside of marriage." Instead they tell minors to decide for themselves.

All minors should be legally protected by the adults in their community, from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence and sex. So, why are minors, who cannot legally consent to sex (even if they wanted to), taught that teen sex is normal and healthy? Why are adults instructing minors how to have so-called "Safe Sex"? Aren't these adults promoting sexual exploitation to minors that cannot legally consent to sex yet?

If these same adults gave alcohol, tobacco or even pornography to minors, they would be arrested!

These "Safe Sex"-perts make it very difficult to find out what is really being taught to your children in the classroom. There are reasons why they don't want to be transparent or accountable to parents.

Find out what those reasons are before it is too late for your child.