A Scary and Frightful Agenda...

Mary McLellan
October 31, 2012
Charleston, South Carolina
Reproduced with Permission

A major driving force behind the demand for federal mandates to fund contraception, sterilization and abortion is Planned Parenthood Sex Education.1

This so-called Safe Sex education in our schools teaches children that sex-outside-of-marriage is normal, expected and healthy.2

The goal is to sexualize children and teens, which increases the demand for contraception and abortion, and then mandates that we pay for it along with the consequences.

Many comprehensive sex education programs create a sexual climate in schools that set up breeding grounds for sex. I call these Sex-only programs because they approach students as if they will only have sex. They do not expect students to abstain and they lower the standards for everyone.

The future of America depends on healthy families; not on the federal government, not Planned Parenthood, and not mandated reproductive services. Mandates and entitlements that subsidize SEX are destroying marriage and families.

Think about this:

Since the 60's, the sexual revolution has enslaved generations to lives of chaos, poverty, and disease. We have too many chaotic families, too many children without fathers, and our children are not safe from sexual exploitation.

For example, in South Carolina:

This has happened across America. No wonder our dropout rates are so high!

Schools need to teach children how to read, write and do math; NOT how to have sex!

We need young people ready to learn, ready to work, ready to marry, and ready to form healthy families!

Many students have never been told they should not have sex, but after they hear an effective abstinence message,8 they see a way out and they want to be the first in their family to abstain and raise children within marriage.

This is why CDC national data shows that almost 75% of teens (15-17) have said NO to sex in the past few years.9

If abstinence increases, then pregnancies and abortion rates naturally decrease. Contraception has not been shown to reduce pregnancies or abortions. If anything, contraception increases sexual activity and therefore the risk for pregnancies that often end in abortion.10

So, why are proven-effective abstinence programs, like Heritage Keepers®, denied funding so that US HHS can fund Planned Parenthood Sex Education? Follow the money.11

The future of South Carolina and our nation requires that we say NO! to Sex-only education and to those that want to enslave more generations to lives of poverty and welfare through entitlements.12

We need to say YES! to abstinence-until-marriage and future healthy families.


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