American Parents Vote: Abstinence Wins!

Mary McLellan
November 13, 2012
Charleston, South Carolina
Reproduced with Permission

There is a serious disconnect between political discourse and how most people manage their lives. While the Planned Parenthood Cartels[i] espouse sexual freedom, there is something happening in the hearts and minds of American parents.

Most parents, across all demographics,
want their children to abstain until marriage.

So says a national survey of parents with children 9-16 years of age who were likely voters in the election last week. Parents Speak Out,[ii] a randomized survey commissioned by the National Abstinence Education Foundation[iii] (NAEF) and conducted by Pulse Opinion Research[iv] (Rasmussen Reports) tells a totally different story than the one our culture, media and the policy wonks in government lead us to believe.

Across race and gender, Democrat and Republican parents overwhelmingly support the teaching of Abstinence Education in our schools. Yet, authentic abstinence education is being systematically eliminated from taxpayer funded schools in favor of "Comprehensive" Sex Education (Safe Sex plus abstinence).

"Critics portray abstinence education as a religious issue or a political issue that has no place in our public schools. But as this survey shows, abstinence education is a women's issue, a Hispanic issue, an African-American issue, a health issue and a common-sense issue with strong support across ethnic groups, age demographics and political affiliation."[v]

To summarize the survey results, the majority of Democrat and Republican parents:

Perhaps these parents have seen the carnage of the sexual revolution and do not want it for their children. They know that today's Planned Parenthood Sex Education lures young people down the path to chaos, misery and poverty.[vii],[viii]

Most parents want the very best for their children[ix] even if they lack the skills and confidence to attain it. As more and more parents expect choice in education, refuse to settle for sub-par instruction, and learn that abstinent teens are more likely to achieve academic success;[x] there will be an increase in the demand for proven-effective abstinence education.[xi]

Support for authentic Abstinence Education makes sense, most parents want it and it works.