Does HHS Mandate also violate civil rights?

Mary McLellan
Healthy Family Formation Coalition
Charleston, SC USA
Reproduced with Permission

The Affordable Care Act[1] (Obamacare) purports to insure the health and welfare of women, children, and families by offering a "full range of preventive services"[2] at no charge through employee health insurance plans. Contained within Obamacare is what has become known as the Contraception Mandate[3] (Mandate) which provides full coverage for only FDA approved contraception and services.[4]

Obamacare requires coverage, "at no charge," for all FDA approved contraception methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity as prescribed by a provider." This service is automatic for all employees and their dependents (your daughters) without parental knowledge or consent.[5]

What if parents and their teens do not want contraception, counseling and education but would rather have abstinence counseling and education as their preventive health care? Are they then getting a "full range of preventive services"?

Those fighting against the Mandate say that it forces them to pay for contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs and services that violate their religious beliefs and liberties.[6] What about violation of conscience, religious or otherwise? What if it violates science and medical facts?

Could the Mandate also be a civil rights violation since it marginalizes and disenfranchises a large segment of the population - women, children, families, men and taxpayers - and prevents them from accessing products and services that would surely benefit their family's health and safety?

Abstaining from sexual activity is a reliable method of preventing pregnancies and STDs.

Learning the benefits of abstinence and the life skills needed to practice it prior to marriage is necessary to forming healthy families that last.

Abstinence is a proven and safe alternative to contraception.

As it now stands, Abstinence Education is glaringly absent from the approved list of products or services offered to prevent pregnancies and STDs. Yet, almost all medical experts agree, and even Planned Parenthood and their surrogates[7] give lip service to the fact that abstaining from sexual activity is the only sure way to prevent pregnancies. And, yet most of the so-called Safe Sex programs approved by the Federal government[8] actually teach students that Safe Sex is "almost as safe" as abstaining![9]

Heritage Keepers® Abstinence Education[10] program is the only evidence-based abstinence-until-marriage program approved by Mathematica and listed by US HHS for teen pregnancy prevention. So, there is at least one program that Obamacare should offer as an alternative to contraception. More abstinence programs are seeking approval.

Why then is abstinence education not considered part of the "full range of preventive services" provided at no charge through employee health insurance plans?

Emerging natural and social science confirms that abstaining from sex until marriage and being faithful within marriage results in family formation that best supports a functioning productive society. Healthy Family Formation,[11] intentionally forming families with future generations in mind, should be a high priority of our nation's health care policies and programs.

After 15 years of Federal funding for Abstinence Education in America, CDC data reveals that almost 75% of teens (15-17) surveyed nationally say they are abstaining from sex.[12] One of the Healthy People 2020 goals is to increase the percent of teens (15-17) who have never had sex to 79%.[13] How can we possibly meet that goal now that Abstinence Education funding has been eliminated, given to the Safe Sex cartels, and has now been denied its rightful place in America's health care plan?

What will happen to current and future generations and their families if they are not taught that abstaining from sexual activity and reserving sex for marriage is the healthiest behavior? That this is a major part of their preventive health care?

There are proven physical, emotional, psychological, social, and economic benefits derived when families are intentionally formed by couples that reserve sex for marriage.[14] Other benefits of pre-marital abstinence and marriage include, and are not limited to:

Healthy Family Formation, including proven effective Abstinence Education,[24] is based on sound scientific evidence and is a proven, realistic life script for success, while Planned Parenthood's brand of Family Planning is based primarily on ideology,[25] not science. The Planned Parenthood agenda thwarts human physiology and psychology to gain control of the masses by promoting their "pleasures of sex" Utopia.[26] This agenda is destroying America from within because societies cannot sustain chaotic family formation as the norm.

What if businesses, public school systems, nonprofits, charities, colleges, hospitals, health insurance providers, physicians and entire states could choose Healthy Family Formation (Abstinence-Until-Marriage and Fidelity-Within-Marriage Education) as an alternative to contraception?

Instead of teaching students and clients of reproductive age (12 years and older) the 12 steps to using condoms "consistently and correctly" while stimulated or pumping the female masses with harmful hormonal steroids,[27] they would be taught Healthy Family Formation by professionally trained educators in school systems and classrooms, clinic settings, businesses, colleges, hospitals, etc.

Under this proposed expansion, entities protesting the Mandate would be able to:

Those protesting the Mandate should demand full parity under Obamacare for private or public entities that choose Abstinence Education as an alternative to the current contraception offerings. To deny this equal status for a science-based, proven-effective method of pregnancy prevention is foolhardy and discriminatory.

The administration and the courts should consider Healthy Family Formation, as defined above, as an alternative for contraception and expand Obamacare to provide a "full range of preventive services" for all Americans. Otherwise, the civil rights of a significant segment of the nation's population will continue to be violated, placing their health and their futures at risk.

If Abstinence Education is denied as an alternative to contraception under Obamacare, then none of the contraception products or services currently listed should be allowed since they do not provide a "full range of preventive services".

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