Misconduct of Family Formation

Mary McLellan
January 31, 2013
Healthy Family Formation Coalition
Charleston, SC USA
Reproduced with Permission

Fifty years of training and indoctrinating the American people that sexual pleasures are an entitlement, sexual boundaries are arbitrary, marriage and fidelity are an alternative lifestyle, and that sexual exploitation is normal and expected has weakened every segment of our society.

The dire fiscal and social issues facing our nation can be traced to the early '60s, if not decades before, when Federal Bureaucracy began establishing entitlement programs to subsidize sexual "freedom" and Chaotic Family Formation1 and then funding Planned Parenthood and SIECUS2 to provide the services through sexuality education.

The Invisible War documentary and other reports3 released during early 2012 informed the Department of Defense about the epidemic of sexual "misconduct" within the military. Last week, Congressional hearings were conducted to investigate the 20,000+ sexual assaults that occur annually in the military.4,5,6 And, "at least 30 percent of military commanders fired over the past eight years lost their jobs because of sexually related offenses, including harassment, adultery, and improper relationships."7

The hearings did not investigate other military issues related to sexual behavior such as high pregnancy rates that interfere with deployments, incurable STDs and future infertility, high divorce rates, single parenting, and child support for children who will never know both parents. The military's free contraception, Plan-B and healthcare for everyone further normalize its sexualized culture.

Does it worry you, at all, that these real life issues could have a negative impact on military readiness to protect and defend our nation?

To be just, the military is not the only institution dealing with these cultural issues. Other institutions such as public education and universities have always been fascinating places for social engineering. Under the guise of academia young people, whose brains are rapidly developing and easily malleable to input as late as age 258, are trained in "safe sex" classes to indulge their most primitive desires rather than to think circumspectly about the consequences. This self-abandonment, disregard for others, and demand for immediate satisfaction has created a narcissistic citizenry intent on getting what they want, when they want it, and without regard for future generations.

As a society, we must seriously look at what is happening during the eighteen years prior to legal adulthood, when future leaders are being parented, educated and trained. Are they learning right from wrong? How are they being trained to control themselves, set boundaries, resist negative peer pressure, or to not bully their classmates? Are they taught how to show respect for others and develop relationships outside the context of sex? Are they learning about the benefits of delaying sexual gratification until they are in a mutually monogamous, faithful, life-long relationship known in most cultures as marriage?

To censor education about Healthy Family Formation (including abstinence-until-marriage education) during the first two decades of life and then expect to "fix it" with military training or higher education is not only futile, it jeopardizes the health and security of our nation.


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