A Tarnished Opportunity, Part 2

Mary McLellan
Heritage Community Services
Healthy Family Formation Coalition
Charleston, South Carolina USA
Reproduced with Permission

In our previous newsletter1, we began exposing the Texas players responsible for New Morning Foundation's South Carolina report, A Sterling Opportunity: 25 Years After the Comprehensive Health Education Act.2

This work was conducted by Dr. David C. Wiley and Dr. Darrel Lang, of Health Advocates, LLC3, and they have a history with the South Carolina Department of Education, as recently as February 2013 for Cadre Training. "Cadre Training", part of the original SIECUS4 vision in 1988, training for sex ed teachers and public health personnel in how to teach "safe sex" to teens.

In 2006, I attended one of their workshops around the state entitled, Finding Common Ground Summit, which used Saul Alinsky-tactics5 to separate participants into small groups so that only their Comprehensive Sex Education perspective would prevail. The workshop was a farce and the honest pursuit of "common ground" was lacking because they tried to bar abstinence educators from the event. These, and other trainings, are also taking place this year in Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and internationally.

While lecturing the participants that sex education should be about science, not values, the presenters proceeded to indoctrinate us in their "values" regarding how to teach students about masturbation and fantasy, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender roles, and how to have discussions with students about intimate details of various sexual situations.

Therefore, seven years ago, these players were working with the Planned Parenthood Network to set the stage for 2013's major changes in Sex Education Law (H3435) for SC, as well as many other states in the nation.

According to A Sterling Opportunity, only 24 out of 85 school districts in SC are using programs also listed by Planned Parenthood on their website.6 No wonder the Planned Parenthood Network is mad at SC school districts! They want ALL of them to be using ONLY their "safe sex-only" curricula! This, of course, is the main purpose behind H34357, the so-called Healthy Youth Amendment and other attempts now in the Senate to get rid of proven effective, evidence-based abstinence education programs in our state.

Some of the Planned Parenthood-type Programs and examples of their content are described below using resources from SC counties personally obtained and from the Abstinence Works website.8

For Students As Young As 11 Years Old

Making a Difference 6th Grade/Middle School
Module 2 Understanding Adolescent Sexuality and Abstinence p.65
Lesson: Ways to express sexual feelings? What is abstinence?

Instruction to teachers to ask "What are some of the ways people express their sexual feelings to themselves or other people?", "Elicit as many answers as you can." "Answers may include: oral sex, sexual fantasy, anal sex, touching each other's genitals, vaginal intercourse, grinding."

"..any behavior that involves exposure to blood, semen, or vaginal secretions can transmit STDs, including HIV." (Making a Difference, p 65) MEDICALLY INACCURATE: Skin to skin contact is all that is necessary for some STDs, such as HPV and herpes, to be transmitted.

"What sexual activities are safe? ….Body rubbing/massaging, mutual masturbation (caution: effective against HIV and other STDs unless bodily fluids are exchanged)" (Making a Difference, p 249) MEDICALLY INACCURATE: Some STDs, such as herpes and HPV, are spread through skin to skin contact, not body fluids alone.

"STDs can be spread through unprotected vaginal, oral, and anal sex" (Making a Difference!, p 117) MEDICALLY INACCURATE: STDs can be spread even when condoms are used. Only abstinence provides 100% protection against the transmission of STDs.

"Don't 'bash' condoms or provide information on failure rates." (Making a Difference!, p 75) MEDICALLY INACCURATE: Withholding full information on the limited effectiveness of condoms is censorship and provides a public health risk.

Abstinence may include "sexually pleasurable things without having intercourse (e.g. masturbation, kissing, talking, massaging, having fantasies, etc)" (Making a Difference!, p 113) Therefore, every time the curriculum encourages abstinence, this is the definition that students receive, which is far different from the Heritage Keepers®9 definition of not participating in any sexual activity outside of marriage. Note that it does not say "abstinence until marriage" like the SC Law mandates. Instead, students decide if, when, and how often they want to be abstinent.

Making Proud Choices 6th Grade/Middle School (No delay of sexual onset) (Note that none of these items encourage students to choose abstinence.)

Lesson: Attitudes statements about condom and contraception use

Attitude: "It would be embarrassing to go to the drug store to get birth control."
Answer: "(Even though it may be embarrassing, you have to work through it because a pregnancy can be more embarrassing.)"

Attitude: "Using condoms would kill the mood and ruin sexual pleasure."
Answer: "(Condoms can be fun and pleasurable if you know the skills to make them that way.)"

Attitude: "Girls who carry condoms are easy/slutty."
Answer: "(Girls who carry condoms are smart, responsible, proud and safe.)"

Attitude: "Refusing to have sex if my partner will not use a condom is hard to do."
Answer: "(Refusing unsafe sex is the proud responsible thing to do.)"

Attitude: "It would be easy to discuss contraceptive methods and condom use with my boyfriend or girlfriend."
Answer: "(It is easy when your mind is made up and you know why you want to be safe.)"

Making Proud Choices 6th Grade/Middle School (4 school districts plus Dorchester 2, not reported) (No delay of sexual onset)

Lesson: "HOW TO MAKE CONDOMS FUN AND PLEASURABLE" Activity B Procedure for Teachers (p.150)

Rational: "Helping participants see how they can make condom use fun and pleasurable for themselves and their partners encourages consistent use and a sense of pride and responsibility."

Remember: This is for 11-12 Year Olds in Middle School (i.e. minors)

"Add the following ideas to the list if they [students] were not already mentioned by the participants." "Sex is more fun when condoms are used because…

For High School Students

Safer Choices (No delay of sexual onset)

Marriage is not taught as an ideal family structure, therefore there are no boundaries for sexual activity.

"Latex condoms are the only form of birth control that can prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, including HIV" (Safer Choices Implementation Manual, p 174) MEDICALLY INACCURATE: Only abstinence provides 100% protection against pregnancy and the transmission of STDs.

"Latex condoms can be 98% effective in preventing HIV, other STD and pregnancy, but only if they are used correctly and consistently" (Safer Choices, Level 2, p 233) Also, some STDs can be spread even when condoms are used.

Medically Inaccurate: Studies show that even among adult couples where one partner had HIV/AIDS, only 50% actually used a condom consistently, so for at least half of teens, the 98% "perfect use" rate will likely be overstated. Numerous studies have shown that using a condom during penile-vaginal sex reduces the risk of HIV transmission by about 85 percent and the risk of transmission for most other STDs by 50 percent or less versus not using a condom at all.

"Student pairs practice condom use: Have students pair up. Distribute a condom and a copy of the condom practice worksheet to each student. Have students begin practicing" (Safer Choices. Level 2, p159)

"Explain that students will now have a chance to work in pairs to practice with condoms. Explain that one person will read the directions on the worksheet while the other practices unrolling a condom over 2 fingers." (Safer Choices. Level 1, p 203)

"Clarify that teens can obtain many services without parent/guardian permission, such as HIV, other STD and pregnancy testing, or access to condoms and other birth control." (Safer Choices. Level 2, p 178)

Be Proud! Be Responsible! (No delay of sexual onset)
(This curricula is not reported in A Sterling Opportunity but training is conducted by the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and it is in Dorchester District 2 and possibly other unreported school districts.)

Lesson: Instructions for helping your partner keep an erection (p.109)

This includes discussion about how to stimulate positive attitudes toward condom use. Also, how to physically stimulate the male partner, how important relaxation and play are to the experience.

Be Proud! Be Responsible! HIV Risk Continuum Worksheet (p.54) Following are Yellow Light or Green Light behaviors for students.

Green Light - "Having sex with only one person (monogamous)"

Lesson: Steps for Effective Use of Dental Dam (Oral Sex) (p.89)

This has sexually explicit instructions including how to make oral sex with dental dams "feel more pleasurable", and "more satisfying for you" by using flavored lubricants.

Why is South Carolina and its elected officials wasting time even discussing H3435? Why are they listening to the people that are pushing these inappropriate curricula? Why do they want to make these programs legal and mandated in all SC school districts?

Until the adults in the room decide to stand up and demand that sex education should be restricted to the biology of reproduction and not the teaching of sexual pleasures, our vulnerable children will continue to be exposed to sexually explicit curricula disquised as "reproductive health education."


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