Lifeissues is mainly concerned with publishing thoughtful articles directly related to issues raised in Evangelium Vitae. However, from the very beginning, we have also published a few related homilies, notably by Fr. Al Cariño, O.M.I., Fr. Tony Pueyo, and others.

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New! The Body of Christ

Antonio P. Pueyo
If the Christian position is somewhere between gnosticism and hedonism, how then should we regard the body? St. Paul writes that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Cor 6:19). Therefore, he advises "Glorify God in your body" (v.20). The Christian does not despise the body nor worship the body. Just like anything else in the world that God created good, we regard the body as a gift to be used for the glory of God.

New! All Together Now

Proclaim Sermons
Sometimes the desire to take all the credit means we're not good collaborators. No one was more qualified to take all the credit than Jesus, yet he made his disciples collaborators in the work of the kingdom, and even called out twelve apostles who would assume great responsibility for making choices as collaborators. If Jesus could share the credit with these ordinary people, shouldn't we do the same?

New! Not Calling for A Show of Hands. (Corpus Christi)

Proclaim Sermons
When Jesus referred to Holy Communion as eating his body and drinking his blood, he did not consult a pollster, conduct a focus group or ask for suggestions. He told the rock bottom truth that we share the literal Bread of Life. Period.