Lifeissues is mainly concerned with publishing thoughtful articles directly related to issues raised in Evangelium Vitae. However, from the very beginning, we have also published a few related homilies, notably by Fr. Al Cariño, O.M.I., Fr. Tony Pueyo, and others.

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New! Baptism, Our "Yes" to God And Neighbor
Baptism of Our Lord (Year C)

Al Carino
To live as a baptized Christian is no joke. Being baptized not only means that we begin to share in the divine life of Jesus but it also means that we share in His mission.

New! Affirmed in Love
Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Antonio P. Pueyo
We are able to work and to serve effectively and in a much inspired manner if we know that we are loved and we are doing what we are doing because of people we love. Affirmed in love we are able to proceed with our mission in an enthusiastic and life-giving manner

New! Why did Jesus begin his career as Savior of the world in such a humble and meek manner?

Tom Bartolomeo
Heaven is not a welfare state of being, a state where we simply consume happiness. We have to lay up a treasure of good works in heaven to draw from before He receives us. The gospel and the Bible is our play-book and our play-script to be followed which I hope we all have in our homes and consult regularly. Without reading its stage directions and performing our assigned parts we will have no place in the company. Actors call it method acting, literally living the character you have been cast for by the director.