Joe Biden Is Lifetime Liar.

Hugh R. Brown

Dear Friend,

As you may or may not know, today in Rome Joe Biden met with Pope Francis.

Joe stated that Pope Francis said “he was a good Catholic and that he should continue to receive communion.” Really?

Joe Biden is lifetime liar. He lies about everything. He has lived a life that is false. Why would anyone believe anything the Commander and Chief Hypocrite says?

Oh, and while at the Vatican Joe did not attend Mass and did not receive the Eucharist. Of course he didn’t. Imagine that.

Christ must be defended at all times from sacrilege. And Joe Biden has the blood of 65,000,000 dead children on his hands.

Pray for Joe? Sure.

Believe anything Joe says? No.

Trust in Christ.

Saint Michael the Archangel pray for us.

Hugh R. Brown
American Life League

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