About That Little Nation Over There ...

Ron Panzer


February 3, 2022 AM update

Blessed are those whose way of life has integrity,
Who live by the Law of the dear Lord.

Blessed are those who observe His instruction,
And seek Him with all their heart.

They do no injustice;
but live by His ways.

- Psalm 119:1-3

A little about that nation, Ukraine -- which most people couldn't be sure to find on a map -- and Russia. Boring? Doesn't affect us? Well, not boring and yes, the manipulated escalating tensions are capable of completely changing all of our lives.

Why? Because "they've" been telling us that the next step is the cyber pandemic attack on our internet, electricity production, and banking (all connected by computers and electricity that could be shut down). All those people celebrating that the Canadian truckers with public support are finally protesting en masse are missing an appreciation for what the real situation is.

The elites including many of the government leaders are actually trained by the World Economic Forum and United Nations groups to push the globalist agenda forward no matter what the public does. Though people in the US or Canada might not know it, millions of Europeans have protested in the streets for several months with little impact at all on the government policies. Like Canada's Trudeau, the leaders have turned a deaf ear on the protesters, just as those in Europe have done.

It's wonderful that people are protesting, but unless the protests go further to actually remove the leaders making the policies, the protests will accomplish nothing. And even if it goes that far that some leaders are removed, the puppeteers at the highest levels have other tactics they've told us in several ways that they will use. The cyber pandemic is the next step after the public is awakened to the war against their very lives.

But, for a manipulated "Great Reset" agenda cyber attack to occur, "they" will need a believable excuse and a scapegoat to blame. Of course, Russia will be blamed and the Ukraine "crisis" that the West has been provoking (yes, they are) is a perfect leadup to a supposed (but possible) Russian cyber attack on the West, which would possibly shut down electric grids, banking, and internet, causing major problems for the Western nations.

Yes, they met to discuss the possibility of a cyber attack in order to plan for a global defense against such an attack. That's the story line, just like the Event 201 pandemic exercise which was for the same kind of global response to protect the people from a pandemic. How's that going? The global response has been right in line with the exercise they carried out and has had nothing to do with protecting our health and everything to do with controlling us, marginalizing the "disobedient" independent thinkers, and killing as many as possible.

Yes, they are killing as many as possible. Two years ago, you or I would not have believed it, but today, yes, we know. It's obvious to those with an open mind to look at the real data for themselves.

I know of a Christian woman who had a vision 2 years ago and she said that the dear Lord Jesus appeared to her who told her (regarding the globalists), "They want to kill you."

Who would have believed her except a few of us who were watching carefully what was being done and immediately recognized that the standards of care for health care practices were not being followed and that what was being advised re masks, lockdowns, quarantines, and more were utterly contrary to long-established conclusions that showed these were not only ineffective, but damaging to say the least.

The same goes for the "vaccines" that were obviously immorally developed and developed to harm in dozens of ways, and that is what they have done. The actual data is now undeniable and shows that the crimes against humanity people warned about, actually have been committed and the harms to billions of people will in the end dwarf what the Nazis did in WW II. The harms done will dwarf what has ever been done in the history of human existence!

Is it so hard for us to understand that Russia does not want earlier agreements to never have nations on its border join NATO? The Western nations of the NATO alliance repeatedly told the Soviet Union (Russia within it) that they would never ever expand NATO Eastward toward Russia, but they have relentlessly expanded (and Eastward) and almost doubled the nations in NATO even though the Soviet Union no longer exists.

What NATO nations have done is just like Cuba, Mexico, or Canada formally joining an alliance with China or the former Soviet Union and having their missiles placed next to our border pointing toward us. Would we like that? Would we tolerate that? Russia is not a friend and certainly is not a free, democratic State, but neither are any of the Western nations anymore. Our freedoms were removed with the global COVID coup.

How NATO Empire-Building Set the Stage for Crisis Over Ukraine
Since the Cold War's end, "NATO exists to manage the risks created by its existence"
by Brian McGlinchey Jan 31, 2022
starkrealities.substack DOT COM /p/how-nato-empire-building-set-the

and now the stage is set for the supposedly Russian cyber attack/pandemic that "they"/not Russia will likely implement to shut down banking, electricity, and internet to move the COVID coup agenda forward. Wouldn't you know it? How conveniently that now the US government warns about exactly that!

U.S. DHS warns of Russian hack attacks as Ukraine invasion fears grow
By Mark Moore January 24, 2022
nypost DOT COM /2022/01/24/dhs-warns-of-russian-hacks-as-ukraine-invasion-fears-grow/


Please pray that these international criminal court trials succeed in removing those who have perpetrated crimes never before seen in all human history!

International Tribunals Start Next Week!
Gates, Fauci, Tedros, etc FACE THE DEATH PENALTY!
James February 1, 2022
rumble DOT COM /vttrxy-finally-international-tribunals-start-next-week-gates-fauci-tedros-etc-face.html

"Dr. Reiner Fullmich confirmed that an INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL will be starting as early as next week. He goes on to say that SEVERAL LEGAL ACTIONS are also taking place in South Africa, India, Poland, and Canada. Bill Gates faces the death penalty in India, but you will NOT hear a word in the complicit mainstream media about that, let alone the fact that Anthony Fauci, Dr. Tedros, General Director of WHO and Mr. Christian Drosten (the lying idiot who pushed the useless PCR test to no end) ARE ALSO FACING THE DEATH PENALTY! This video also includes an interview of tremendous hope enhanced by a SPIRITUAL FORCE that will turn a seemingly IRREVERSIBLE and DEMONIC PLAN to DUST!..."

Mom Outs The Genocide Jabs & CONvid-1984 To Board Of Education
SettingBrushfires Feb 2, 2022 (3 minute fantastic video)
rumble DOT COM /vtw6m8-mom-outs-the-genocide-jabs-and-convid-1984-to-board-of-education.html

Pastor Artur Pawlowski Issues Powerful Rebuke and Clear Warning to Politicians on the Wrong Side of History
For such a time as this, we need community leaders who will step up and help the people find the courage and organize action against the rise of medical tyranny.
by JD Rucker Feb 2, 2022
jdrucker.substack DOT COM /p/must-watch-pastor-artur-pawlowski

Whether you are a Catholic, Protestant, Jew, or other, Archbishop Vigano has been extremely outspoken about the horrific damage being done by the so-called "pandemic" response and the vaccine mandates, and dares to condemn the Vatican's alliance with the globalist elites who are attacking worldwide humanity:

by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan? Feb 1, 2022
churchmilitant DOT COM /news/article/vigano-censures-big-pharma-deep-church-cabal

Austria makes Covid vaccination COMPULSORY for all over-18s today and claims protesters objecting to the move are 'very scary' and 'right wing extremists'
By ELMIRA TANATAROVA and AFP 1 February 2022
dailymail.co DOT UK /news/article-10463123/Austria-makes-Covid-vaccination-COMPULSORY-18s-today.html

The map will shock many!

European countries with compulsory vaccination – latest updates
CoronaHeadsUp 1 February 2022
coronaheadsup DOT COM /health/vaccine/mandatory-vaccination/european-countries-with-compulsory-vaccination-latest-updates/


One who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!"

For it is He who will rescue you from the net of the trapper
And from the deadly plague.

He will cover you with His wingtip feathers,
And under His wings you may take refuge;
His faithfulness is a shield and protective wall.

- Psalm 91:1-4


As it has been before, the leaders of the nations determine what happens to the people unless the people themselves act to make a difference that matters. That is possible, but it will take great efforts and dedication and our humble and fervent prayers for His mercy.

Please pray for our nation and the people of the world!

Ron P

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