Observance of Lent

Fr. Frank Pavone

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many in the Christian world begin the observance of Lent this month. It is a season in which we deepen our repentance from sin, and renew our baptismal commitment to Christ, who is our Savior and Healer.

How appropriate this is for those who have undergone abortion or grieve over their complicity in it. Deepening our repentance doesn't mean we doubt God's forgiveness. It means we embrace Him more fully.

God is infinite. There is always more of Him to receive. His mercy is infinite. There is always more of it to celebrate, and more of His healing to incorporate into our lives.

Some of the Lenten prayers talk about it as a "joyful" season. Repentance is joyful, because we know that the very fact that we are troubled by our past sins is a sign that God's grace and love are active in our lives. We don't fight against our sins alone. Christ is the one who conquers them.

And the whole Body of Christ cheers us on as we all rise up from our sins, by the grace of Christ, and proclaim to the world His forgiveness!

Lent is a time when Christians prepare to renew the vows of their baptism at Easter. Part of those ancient baptismal vows include the declaration that we reject the "empty promises" of Satan.

One of those empty promises is abortion... the idea that it is a solution is a lie, and those who have had abortions, and who help heal those who have had abortions, know this firsthand. The idea that "pro-choice" is somehow good, righteous or respectful of anyone is likewise a lie, and its time is up.

The commitment of baptism is a commitment to reject these lies and embrace the truth of Christ, who is "the Life," and who is Mercy itself.

Happy Lent!


Fr. Frank Pavone
Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign
National Director, Priests for Life

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