Please pray for Ukrainian refugees and the victims of the war there.

Ron Panzer

I have to admire the people's convoy and what they are doing. However, it is naive to think the globalist leaders care what the people think. When dealing with a halfway decent halfway evil government, protests might help. When one is dealing with literal Nazis or absolute tyrants -- and that is what the modern globalists are without any doubt -- the protests will not be respected.

Jews and others who protested the German Nazis were shot. Russians protesting Putin's invasion have been arrested and face up to 15 years in prison! And yes -- though they've tried to hide it for years -- China's despots did order its tanks in Tiananmen Square to physically trample, crush, and kill several thousands of protesters there. Yes, they did!

"They" will only stop when they are stopped, arrested, convicted, and sentenced for their crimes against humanity.

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