Who can judge the nations or the people?

Ron Panzer


March 18, 2022 AM update

... proclaim liberty throughout the land ...

-Leviticus 25:10


by Steve Law July 6, 2019
patternsofevidence DOT COM /2019/07/06/exodus-influenced-americas-independence/


Many condemn Putin and want him dead. Others condemn those who created bio-weapons and poisoned millions, waged wars of influence throughout the world, and moved their sphere of influence ever and ever closer to Russia, surrounding it with new NATO members who were aligned against Russia as the enemy.

Some then wonder, "Who are guilty of the greater sin before God?" The ones who ruthlessly, viciously bomb a nation and kill thousands of civilians as well as soldiers, or those who wage endless other "justified" wars, create a viral bio-weapon and a genetic injection -- re-labeled as a "vaccine" -- that both together kill over a billion people and make billions chronically ill ailing with a myriad of never-before-seen medical conditions that doctors have no idea how to treat, or disabled, infertile, or suffering from cancer and "vaccine"-induced AIDS?

Can we know how God would judge such a thing? Certainly not! But it is a question that is worth asking, at least, if it allows us to consider that the leaders on both sides in the Ukraine - Russia conflict are corrupt even though propaganda demands that we believe that "our side" is righteous and the other, the enemy, is pure evil.

What war is pretty? Now that we have TV cameras and smart phones with cameras built in, we see war close up as never before. Were our wars more righteous than others? What about the Romans? We are taught that they brought bridges and roads connecting all the nations in the Empire, but when they were conquering each region, they killed any who resisted just like Russia is doing and we did in our wars.

Some say, "But we didn't kill civilians!" "They should only fight soldiers." Well, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan and killed immediately or soon thereafter, about 110,000. It's difficult to estimate how many died because some died later on due to their injuries or from cancer, but total dead and severely injured was about 200,000 and many more over time, including the children that were never born because their potential parents were killed.
atomicarchive DOT COM /resources/documents/med/med_chp10.html

So was the USA righteous then and Japan evil? Many assume that because "Japan started the war, so they deserved it! And "dropping the bomb saved lives!"

Well, do people know that Japan depended on oil imports for most of the oil it needed. But Japan had invaded parts of China and other nations and when President Franklin D Roosevelt froze all Japanese assets in America and cut off its supply of oil in July of 1941, "Britain and the Dutch East Indies followed suit. The result: Japan lost access to three-fourths of its overseas trade and 88 percent of its imported oil."

This type of economic warfare provoked a response: Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. So, the economic measures the West takes as sanctions against Russia could end in a wider war, just as it did in World War II. If FDR had not frozen Japan's assets in America and cut off Japan's oil supply, Japan would not have attacked the US at Pearl Harbor.

What about the more recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars? Supposedly we went in for "righteous reasons." But our war efforts resulted in killing hundreds of thousands of civilians there. Are our "hands" clean and Russia's dirty because it kills thousands of Ukrainians, while we kill hundreds of thousands in our "justified" wars?

It is estimated that due to the United States war and past economic sanctions on Iraq, over 500,000 children under 5 years old died, but former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (under Clinton) stated that she felt the price paid (in deaths) was worth it. And that was just the children under 5, what about children over 5, and the adult civilians killed?

'We Think the Price Is Worth It'
Media uncurious about Iraq policy's effects--there or here
fair DOT ORG /extra/we-think-the-price-is-worth-it/

Can we judge the nations or the people rightly? No. Only God can judge a nation or a people, but He uses nations and people for His purposes (Amos 1). When the Babylonians invaded Israel and took the people into bondage, the people there would view the Babylonians as evil and themselves as innocent victims, which was not right. Our judgment is often faulty!

So, who is righteous among nations? What person is righteous among people? Do we know any? I don't think so (Mark 10:18). The British believe they "civilized the world" when they created the largest empire that ever existed in history. The surviving families of the people they slaughtered to create that empire think differently.

The British imposed famine, prison, war, murder, extermination on their colonial targets, and they imposed slavery. Many think of the British as a Western righteous nation. How many did they kill?
theguardian DOT COM /books/2011/oct/19/end-myths-britains-imperial-past

Do many know that during 1800s when the people of India rose up in revolt, the British caused the deaths of millions?
theguardian DOT COM /world/2007/aug/24/india.randeepramesh

And in other nations, similar atrocities were perpetrated to hold their tyrannical power over their colonial subjects. Subjects! Yes, the people had to obey just like subjects of the Roman, Greek, Persian, or other empires had to obey. Millions were slaves!

So, are we in the West, in Britain, in the USA, in other Western nations, the righteous? What Christians and the Jewish people especially know is that none of us is righteous. We all have an imperfect and sinful nature, but we can strive for better, and that is only possibly by God's grace. Otherwise, the people of the world wallow in sin, violence, crime, and war.

Nothing has stopped the waging of war in the world. "They attacked us first!" "So, we'll attack them as revenge!" And round and round it goes.

Where do we see any way to stop the never-ending cycle of hatred, murder, and war? Only in the dear Lord Jesus' teaching to forgive and forgive and forgive (Matthew 18:21-22). Only in Jesus' teaching to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:38-40).

Have we attained to that level of forgiveness? Have the nations and people stopped oppressing others and enslaving others? What do you think about slavery? The British and many other "colonial powers" enslaved many in the nations they colonized. What do you think about those who enslave others and treat them horrifically?

Both Russia and Ukraine have numerous criminal organizations that make slaves out of children, men, and women ... some for slave labor, some for sex slavery, i.e. forced prostitution or sex trafficking. Some are sold as slaves to people from anywhere around the world.

Many think that slavery ended years ago, but there are more slaves today than ever before. And for that matter, what do you think the "Great Reset" is all about? What do you think the effect will be on you and your family and all around you?

The so-called "Great Reset" is an agenda run by global organized crime families -- the elite ultra-rich and powerful -- that is designed not so much to sell any individuals as slaves on a slave market, but to make everyone on Earth a slave under their ownership and complete control. That's why they are indoctrinating all and conditioning all to incrementally obey their mandates and be a compliant neo-peasant -- not a free citizen with guaranteed human rights.

That's it. They tell us, "You will own nothing and be happy!" That's told to us as an explanation for now, but it will be told to us as a command in a time not too far off according to their planning. Isn't that what slave owners told their slaves, "Be happy! Act happy! Don't be sassy! Don't object! Don't say a word of protest or we will beat you, whip you, rape you, imprison you, torture you, or kill you!"

In the Satanic "Great Reset," they won't have to beat, whip, rape, or imprison us if we object. With the digital ID and the social credit score that goes with it, all they'll have to do is lower the social credit score and lock us out of their system.

Locking us out of their system means no job, no income, no food, no life. Or, persecution of all sorts and becoming homeless, fleeing to the outskirts of civilized society and scavenging for food, being raided and arrested if found, and executed if they choose.

The West/globalists/modern Nazis/modern enslavers/Davos crowd/UN/NATO schemers are punishing Russia for not joining their game, their agenda. Russia is asserting its interests as a nation. Nationalism is not always evil. It means seeing to the needs of the nation and the people. The founders of America were all nationalists.

All nations' leaders would naturally be nationalists if they were not bought off and traitors to their own people. That was something that everyone understood not too long ago.

Are any of us looking forward to being slaves? That's exactly what they plan. It will just be a modern, technological form of slavery that will be even more complete than any empire ever created on Earth. At least, that's their plan.

With the digital ID "sold" to us for its convenience, and with the social credit score system, every person on Earth will be living in abject fear 24 hours a day if they exist within the Satanic system being implemented step by step right in front of us.

It is the complete opposite of a culture of life, a life of faith and trust in God and His grace and plan for our lives. The total opposite.

Just sayin' ...


Why we need to pay attention to why McDonalds fast food chain pulled out of Russia:

McDonald's and other U.S. brands under pressure to stop doing business in Russia
By Corky Siemaszko March 7, 2022
nbcnews DOT COM /business/consumer/mcdonalds-us-brands-pressure-stop-business-russia-rcna18990

"New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is urging companies to reconsider doing business in Russia because they face 'significant and growing legal, compliance, operational, human rights and personnel, and reputational risks.'"

And there we have it! Not only are the governments sanctioning Russia but applying pressure on multinational corporations in many ways including their "reputational risk."

What is reputational risk? Well, people have been "cancelled" for voicing a "politically incorrect" position or for simply resisting and not obeying the mandates -- whatever they may be. This is all part of the Communist China style social credit score, or "reputational" score. Corporate leaders fear being cancelled just as much.

McDonald's would be cancelled if they decided not to play along with the globalist Davos crowd/UN/NATO/Western Leftist powers. McDonald's!! They didn't wish to be decimated when the powers that control the media and government leaders were unleashed against them.

What will happen when the "Great Reset" is fully implemented with digital ID and digital currency that can be shut off if you don't go along with the approved narrative and agenda (however untrue or unjust and evil). That's what a social credit score is all about.

Obviously, if you or I are pro-life and oppose the Leftist "sacred" rite of abortion, consider the COVID pandemic mandates to be a scam, are Christian, conservative, patriotic, and support the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and traditional family values, our social credit score will dip down near zero!

Consider this: How many Christian pro-life organizations or protests are tolerated in communist China? How many freedom fighters can protest in the streets of Wuhan and be allowed to continue?

We will be persona(s) non grata ... not welcome. Or, in common language, we will be persecuted by "the system." Outcast! "Potential terrorists" in their twisted view.

How Does Chinax92s Social Credit System Work?
Big brother is coming for America next
by Isaiah McCall Nov 26, 2021
medium DOT COM /yardcouch-com/how-does-chinas-social-credit-system-work-650f318a0cfd

Weren't those on the Left interested in freedom from government oppression? Oh! That's 1960s talk! The Left today is all about obedience to the now Leftist controlled government/media/corporate/banking/military complex:

Yahoo normalizes communist Chinax92s social credit score
By M Dowling September 20, 2021
independentsentinel DOT COM /yahoo-normalizes-communist-chinas-social-credit-score/

Coming soon: America's own social credit system
thehill DOT COM /opinion/finance/565860-coming-soon-americas-own-social-credit-system

Report: America Has a Social Credit System Much Like Chinax92s
But it was built by Silicon Valley and not by the government
by KRISTIN HOUSER Aug 27, 2019
futurism DOT COM /america-social-credit-system-china


Interview with Prof Francis Boyle, PhD, the author of the U.S. Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. U.S. documents shown:

USA is headquarters for x93Nazi death cultx94 of bioweapons war criminals
March 16, 2022 by: Mike Adams
naturalnews DOT COM /2022-03-16-usa-is-headquarters-for-nazi-death-cult-of-bioweapons-war-criminals.html


Defeat the Mandates! Information is available at the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation:
vacsafety DOT ORG /


You will hear of wars and rumors of wars,
but see to it that you are not alarmed.

Such things must happen,
but the end is still to come.

- Matthew 24:6


As it has been before, the leaders of the nations determine what happens to the people unless the people themselves act to make a difference that matters. That is possible, but it will take great efforts and dedication and our humble and fervent prayers for His mercy.

Please pray for our nation and the people of the world!

Ron P


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